The AOE/COE investigation should be your first order of business once a claim for a Workers' Compensation Claim has been filed at your company. It only stands to reason, from an astute business perspective, that the first question to come to mind once a claim has been filed is "Did it happen at work?"  followed by "Were we at fault?". We will get you the information that you will need in order to make an informed response to each of those questions.  Within 24 hour of receiving an assignment, we'll have a statement from the injured party, provided they are available.

  An informed decision that is based on solid information is good for business.  The information you, the employer, receive from us will assist you in correcting operational, structural, and/or personnel deficiencies in your business.  Legally and fundamentally sound Workers' Compensation claims will also be a boon to the morale of your organization.  All of our AOE/COE Investigations are conducted in strict adherence to all applicable California Labor Codes.   

  When your legal team wants to go deeper..., we do.  With thousands of surveillance hours already under our belts, you can rest assured that MAC Investigations will put a surveillance plan together that will get your subject surveilled, videotaped, and reported on.  All of our surveillances come with oral status reports followed by a professionlly written report.  

We are always prepared to assist attorneys with an assortment of services.  In addition to process serving and surveillance, we can conduct witness interviews, prepare witness statements, assist in discovery strategy and implementation, legal research briefing (IRAC), investigative report production and testimony, accident scence investigation, crime scene investigation, police reort analysis, and evidence analysis.

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A competent private investigative agency, MAC Investigations can uncover information, build evidence, and provide necessary documentation to help you with a range of scenarios. And as a full-service private investigative agency we are well versed in insurance, business, legal, and private persons investigations.