We offer the most meticulously planned and executed investigations in the world.  Our investigations produce the most accurate findings available and our report writing is always clear and concise and comprehensive. 
  We find the answers to who, what when where, how, and why.    We watch the people who don't want to be watched.  We unearth the secrets that hide in the most obscure places. Our investigative process uses the "no stone unturned" approach by using "else"; who else, what else, when else, where, how else, and why else. We continue this process until we have completely exhausted the trail of unresolved questions.  We make no assumptions.  The facts will lead to the truth.  
  We are exceptionally organized in the cataloging of information.  This high degree of organization makes our report writing the most accurate available.  We do not allow our reports to leave our offices late or with spelling and/or grammatical errors.  Our reports are more than a reflection of our professional ability.  They represent your ability to select a professional investigative agency; and we respect that.
  We specialize in AOE/COE investigations for Workers' Compensation claims.  We serve all California self-insured employers and third-party administrators.  Our rates are competitive and our work is unparalleled.  Our investigations will save you time, money, or both. 

California Licensed Investigator # PI 25155

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