Meticulous, Accurate, and Comprehensive Investigations... every time!

   The genesis of every successful investigation is in the planning and preparation phase.  The preparation phase begin by appying the basic interrogatories- who, what, when, where, how, and why to the available fact pattern.  Next is methodology.  By which means can we best satisfy the investigative requirements of our client?  Do I use research, surveillance, interrogatories, interviews, requests for production of documents, a combination of them all, or are there other means?
     The rules I use in my professional report writing are 1) the investigative report should be error free.  There should be no spelling, grammatical, nor factual errors. 2) The professional investigative report should never hint of bias or emotional attachment to any of the facts, subjects, or findings.
    Unlike your average private investigation agency in California, MAC Investigations was formed by me, Kevin R. McDowell, a former Military Intelligence Interrogator/Linguist Russian & German).  I conducted intelligence investigations,surveillance, and liaison with West German law enforcement and military for the U.S. Army. During my training for Interrogator/Linguist, I was trained in the art of successful investigations which begins in the planning and preparation phase.
  In 1994, I joined the California Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer where my surveillance skills were used regularly.   I also worked as an Investigative Employee for the Department.  The Investigative Employee conducts investigations of reported rules violations for the Facility Hearing Officer, usually the Facility Catptain.  I gained great experience in conducting investigations and preparing professional reports.
    In 2006, I successfully passed the California Private Investigator's exam and formed MAC Investigations.    In 2007, I completed the New Investigator Training at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This training was only one week long but was breaming with information.  I learned how to conduct a standard EEOC Title VII Investigation from start to finish, including applicable laws and procedures.  I also learned how to properly prepare the Investigation Report for the EEOC Administrative Judge.
    In 2010, I completed my college degree, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management (3.74 GPA) from the University of Phoenix.  The University of Phoenix Business Management Degree Program stressed high ethical standards, presentations, human capital development, solid time management, and teamwork alongside of the traditional business management curriculum. The degree helped me look at life from the benefit of the business perspective... protect the bottom line.
I use this in my approach to the investigations I conduct.  I protect my clients bottom line through honest and objective investigations which yield accurate results.
    In 2016 I earned a Certificate with Distinction (94%) at the nationally ranked (2) UCLA Paralegal Training Program in downtown Los Angeles. This four-month accelerated course was intense.  The amount of information I was given to digest was impressive.  The understanding of the legal process and how work within it that I received was some of the most valuable I have yet to receive. 
    The blend of investigative background experience was by design. It prepared me for a life of private investigation.   The Interrogator/Linguist experience is what gives me the meticulous, accurate, and comprehensive qualities when approaching investigations and report writing.  The EEOC training gave me the specialty training to conduct Title VII Investigations. The Business Management degree enlightened me to thinking from the business perspective when operating in the business-business environment. The paralegal background was essential to understanding what an attorney needs in order to take a case to trial. 
 Let me and MAC Investigations handle your investigative needs.  I offer complete investigative services from surveillance to complete case management.  I look forward to working with businesses and attorneys alike.    One last  note,  MAC Investigations does not miss deadlines!  Thanks for reading!